Interview with Mary Davies – Little Learning School Surry Hills

Q: What initially attracted you to work in Early Learning?  

I am passionate about children and their learning and development.  I love interacting with them and being able to give children the opportunities to enhance their interests and personalities as they learn and develop holistically.

It gives me so much joy and job satisfaction to watch children learn and develop. For me, this is the most fulfilling job because we make a massive impact on children’s lives and contribute to the way they turn out as adults.

Q: How did this come about ?

After my daughter was born, I couldn’t find flexible work so I set up my own childminding business in London (family day care). When she turned 3 years old, I enrolled her in pre-school and took on a part-time job in her pre-school. It was then I realised that there more to children’s play than what meets the eye!

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep upskilling yourself?

I wanted to understand more about children’s development and knew I would only achieve this through studying and more experience. Through upskilling myself, I am able to get the knowledge to educate children at this most important stage (early years) of children’s development.

I want to be the best that I can be professionally and progress in my career. You know what they say “Knowledge is power” and “The more you learn, the more you earn”.

Q: What do enjoy about being an educator at LLS?

I think and believe that LLS is the best place to work because LLS is always improving.  There is a network of support and always someone willing to help. I love the wonderful programs that are being developed (LLS Learn, Ready to Read, music classes, physical classes and languages classes etc) all tailored to the individual centres enabling us (the Educators) to give the children in our care the best possible start in life.

Q: What do you enjoy about working at LLS Surry Hills most?

Some of the things I enjoy most are the warm and inclusive learning environment and the resources at our disposal. The strong relationships with each other as well as with our families.

It is an awesome place to work in, with amazing classrooms, age appropriate toys and fabulous outdoor environments for our children to explore, learn and grow.

I also enjoy the support from my Area Managers, Director, Support, Admin, Management and my colleagues as we all develop professionally.


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