Our Service

Little Learning School offers a nurturing and educational environment that welcomes all children and families unconditionally.

We accept enrolments for children aged six weeks to five years and as part of our core educational programs, Little Learning School children enjoy the opportunity to participate in learning a foreign language. Our weekly classes are taught in an immersion style environment and are split into age groups.

Current languages that we teach are Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish and Italian. Benefits associated with learning a language as a child includes:

  • Enhanced brain development
  • Improved memory
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved knowledge of their mother tongue
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved confidence

Our native teachers provide a stimulating learning environment through music, songs, games, art & craft, storytelling and much more.

In addition to this, Little Learning School is the first and only Child Care Centre to sign an exclusive agreement with the Australia’s leading Literacy Program, Ready To Read. This outstanding Literacy Program has taught thousands of children in Australia and from around the world to read, write and spell since 2000. This leading program is now offered exclusively to Little Learning School children.

In addition to our Literacy and Language Programs, we also offer:

  • Gross Motor: Offered weekly, this program provides the children with an assortment of gross motor experiences to further develop their concept of spatial awareness, sense of balance and hand/eye co-ordination.
  • Music Program: Offered weekly, a specialist music teacher provides the children with a variety of music and movement experiences. The teachers have great instrument skills are excellent in their ability to sing in different languages from all over the world.
  • Move and Groove: Offered to children aged 3 years and above; a wonderful experience which combines music and movement.
  • Children’s Scientists Program: This program is designed to facilitate children’s curiosity for science, maths and technology through child-appropriate, fun and playful experiments. Teachers and educators are continuously trained through the program and empowered to implement the projects together with the children exploring subjects such as; water, Air, Mathematics, Light, Colours, Electricity, Energy, Magnets and much more. We believe that introducing science, mathematics and technology at the earliest possible age – children aged 3 to 6 – is a key age for the development of the brain and will help children with problem solving skills and many other challenges

The below classes can also be provided as an option:

  • Yoga: Every Tuesday yoga is offered to children 2 years and above as part of our extended exercise program. It provides an invigorating mind body and health experience for children.
  • Tech Know Kids: Offered to children aged 3 years and above to further developing computer skills, whether it is controlling the mouse or activating programmes.
  • Aria Music: Offered to children aged 3 years and above to learn to play the keyboard, and an assortment of musical concepts.

Please note the above classes are subject to change at any time.