Literacy & Readiness

The Little Learning School Readiness Program is held for 45 weeks of the year and is taught by our University Trained Early Childhood Teachers.

Little Learning School is the only Child Care Centre to have an agreement and exclusively offer Australia’s leading pre-school Literacy Program at our centres. The Ready to Read Literacy Program has been taught to thousands across Australia and around the world and is now available to children at Little Learning School. To learn more about Ready to Read, you can visit their website here.

We believe that children should be transitioned into school settings by giving them the opportunity to experience a school atmosphere prior to attending a school setting. We believe by introducing children to a pre-kindy program, this will assist them when they begin school.
Our School Readiness Program commences at the time your child is enrolled at our centre, regardless of their age, and represents a systematic and continuous approach to preparing each child for primary school.

The specific school-related goals and objectives the Little Learning School program will consist of, is set below and is emphasised in the 6-12 month period prior to commencing school.

    • Can recognise own name in written format;
    • Can write own name;
    • Begins to recognise letters of the alphabet;
    • Begins to print a few letters from the alphabet;
    • Begins to recognise and print a few numbers;
    • Draws pictures with detail;
    • Sorts objects according to category;
    • Demonstrates the concept of opposites;
    • Hold writing implements using correct grip;
    • Uses scissors with safety and control;
    • Recognises shapes and colours;
    • Can finish a task and tidy up afterwards;
    • Participates in imaginative play;
    • Understands sequence of events; and
    • An awareness of road safety and stranger danger.
    • Packing their own bag
    • Following through on instructions without constant supervision
    • Eating out of a lunch box (unwrapping food, eating whole pieces of fruit etc)
    • Forming letters on a line going from left to right
    • Putting shoes and socks on without help
    • Health, Hygiene and Safety, including road safety, car safety, stranger danger, sun-protective behaviours, dental and oral hygiene, etc.
    • Interacting positively and politely with adults
    • Working in small and large group situations

(Note, the following are not essential criteria in determining if a child is ready for school, as every child is different).