Our Meals

Little Learning School’s menu is nutritionally reviewed and approved by a leading Australian Paediatric Nutritionist to ensure all meals served are healthy and exciting for growing children.

Each of our unique centres have a full time qualified cook that freshly cooks all meals, consisting of a nutritionally balanced menu of breakfast, morning tea, lunch with dessert, afternoon tea and a late snack served after 5pm to tide their little tummies over until your family dinner time.

Little Learning School has a voluntary Food Safety Program in place that is approved by Local Councils. A Food Safety Program identifies and controls food safety hazards in the handling of food to ensure the food we serve is safe.

We also happily cater for children with allergies, religious and special dietary requirements. Little Learning School is also an Asthma Friendly Service approved by the Asthma Foundation, Australia and we are proud to welcome children that suffer from Asthma or Anaphylaxis.

All meals are prepared on site in our kitchens with fresh produce delivered regularly. There is a 6-week rotation menu, providing children with a variety of nutritious foods. Your child will never go hungry during our care.

There is a daily menu board located near the kitchen at each centre, and menu suggestion forms are also available, as we want all your yummy family recipes to try during our meal times. We put a huge amount of love and effort in providing quality nutritious meals, and welcome all your feedback and suggestions.

Please feel free to visit our kitchen at any time and say Hi to our centre cook.