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Benefits of Increased Attendances

Research evidences the fact that children who attend high quality early childhood education and care have better outcomes moving into formal education and later in life.  Many governments are invested in ensuring that all children in the year before school receive a minimum of 15 hours of high quality early childhood education. At Little Learning School, we pride ourselves on ensuring we support you and your children for this important transition.

The benefits of increasing your child’s days of attendance, from the age of three, until they transition to formal education are multiple. Our Ready to Read program firmly establishes the literacy skills that children will need, to be able to take on new learning across a range of subjects and concepts. More frequent interactions with peers of the same age and older, supports language development and allows our team of dedicated early learning professionals to provide additional support and resources in areas of need.

More frequent attendance ensures your child is familiar with the learning environment and routines, which reduces stress for your child. Being familiar with an environment means they feel secure to manage change. It also teaches children to understand social norms that apply in different situations and environments, which helps them to develop appropriate behaviours.

Increased attendance allows your child to establish trusting relationships with a broader group of peers and supporting adults. The development of social skills combined with language development facilitates the development of empathy and care for others. These skills set children up to have successful relationships later in life both personally and professionally.

If you have any questions, or you would like to take advantage of increasing your child’s days of attendance in the years leading up to ‘big school’ please see your Centre Director or call our friendly enrolments on 1300 255 555.





Casual day subject to availability • Bookings can be made via the Centre Director or LLS Enrolments Team on 1300 255 555 • Casual day bookings can be taken up to and including the day of care required • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancelling a casual day booking by email or phone call • Any bookings taken within the 48 hours must be paid for in full regardless of any child’s non-attendance • Casual day bookings are charged at the same daily rate as the permanent enroled daily rate • Once a casual booking occurs on the same day 4 weeks in a row, this day is taken to be a permanent booking and the normal cancelation policy applies.

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